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PARENTS: Are you ready to give your kids a resource to feel more confident, empowered and connected to who they are?

PRE-TEENS, TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS: Are you looking for a way to feel more understood and accepted? Are you tired of feeling frustrated, confused, and anxious about your life?


I am the founder of the Youth Wellness Network and the author of the new book, published by Hay House:

Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son's Journey to Conscious Living

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"I believe this book will have a big positive impact and create many profound changes in the lives of parents, families, children, and teachers....I love this book and I am sure you will enjoy it too!"

-Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing and international best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life


But I want to take the message of the book even further - and make sure that it can get to work in your family. That's why I've created a FREE video series just for pre-teens, teens and young adults (I'm going to use the word YOUTH for simplicity's sake).

If you are anything like many of the parents of the kids I work with you often experience worry, frustration and a sense that you aren't connecting with your child.

And if you're a YOUTH, you may notice that you feel:

  • Over stressed and anxious about school and life

  • Confused about who you are and what the future holds

  • A Struggle with low self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Misunderstood by others

  • Isolated and alone

...I want to give you these free videos to introduce YOU to a new perspective. I gained these perspectives from my own father who went through his own transformation at mid-life.

I've created a FREE VIDEO SERIES... here's a bit of an intro.

For the full series make sure to share your name and email below.

Watch this video, and sign up to receive the entire FREE series below!

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I can't wait to share this information with parents, youth and anyone else who cares about empowering youth all around the world. Please share this with those you know who need support! Visit us on Facebook and leave your comments... You'll start receiving your videos soon.

With Warmth and Gratitude,

Michael Eisen